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Earth composition: 70% Organ, 20% Guitar Effects, 5% Cymbals, 5% Drum

Internal structure: The first thing you'll listen is the melody of the organ, bringer of mood, it starts direct and focused, dictates the shape, forming the Core. Guitar element is swirling around the melody trying to loose the formed structure, heralds freedom and improvisation, spiraling up or down with waves of Cymbals element and becomes symbiotic fuse with Organ in the Mantle. The Drum element is forming the Crust, tight, hard, and making safe place for breathing and reproduction. Occasionally Organ erupts on the surface unfocused and loose.

Earth atmosphere: Dominating Melancholy with more than a half of Earth's atmosphere followed by Haunting and with a little taste of Trance Like State generated by the Drum element.


from Sound of the Spheres, released June 1, 2012




Sferi Macedonia

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